Weidman eager to regain title

Chris Weidman is determined to regain his middleweight title when he takes on Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 on June 4.

Weidman held the middleweight title for more than two years until he was knocked out by Rockhold in the fourth round of their bout at UFC 194 on December 12.

With a plethora of other fighters knocking on the door for a middleweight title shot, Weidman knows how important his rematch against Rockhold is.

“Whether I’m champion or not champion, I’ve got to go in there and beat this other guy. That’s all that matters,” Weidman told reporters. “He doesn’t get to carry in the belt and use it in there against me.”

In February, the 31-year-old revealed that he decided to go through with his fight against Rockhold at UFC 194 even though he had fractured his foot in two places.

While he is not using that as an excuse as to why he lost, Weidman believes that the outcome will be different this time around as he is fully fit.

Furthermore, Weidman has also been doing his homework heading into the fight as he has been analysing what went wrong during his bout with Rockhold in December. He has also been looking through Rockhold’s other fights in an attempt to spot the 31-year-old’s weaknesses.

“I’ve been watching a lot of tape with my last fight and Luke’s other fight,” Weidman said. “I’m very comfortable with all the things he does good. The goal is to get in there and be comfortable in every situation.”