Dos Anjos: McGregor likes to talk

UFC lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos has responded to Conor McGregor's criticism of the lightweight division by saying that the Irishman is all talk. 

McGregor branded the lightweight division as "slow" and "stuck in the mud". While unimpressed with McGregor's comments, Dos Anjos opted to take a more conservative approach rather than allowing McGregor to get under his skin. 

"This guy, he's good on the cameras you know," Dos Anjos told Inside MMA. "He's good for talking to people and he shows, you know, he feels comfortable when he do that. But, when we get locked in the cage it's just two guys, you know."

Dos Anjos does not believe that McGregor will be able to dethrone Jose Aldo as the UFC featherweight champion when they pair meet at UFC 194 in December. 

The 30-year-old is backing his Brazilian compatriot based on the fact that Aldo has defended his title for more than five years and hasn't lost a fight in almost a decade. Dos Anjos added that while McGregor is a good fighter, he hasn't beaten the best like Aldo has. 

"He's beat good guys but he didn't beat the top guys, he didn't beat Frankie Edgar, he didn't beat Cub Swanson, Jeremy Stephens," he said. "There's a bunch of guys that will beat him."

Earlier this month, McGregor revealed that he would move up to the lightweight division if he were to defeat Aldo and be crowned featherweight champion. Should this come to fruition, Dos Anjos has said that McGregor will have no chance of taking the lightweight title from him. 

"If he comes to lightweight division I am the belt holder right now," Dos Anjos said. "I will make sure this belt will remain with me. Whenever he wants to step up and try to take this away from me I will make sure I'm going to keep with me."