Dos Anjos: Cerrone is a choker

UFC lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos is brimming with confidence ahead of his fight with Donald Cerrone at UFC on FOX 17 in December, as he is sure that Cerrone will fall flat in their title fight.

Cerrone is currently on an eight-fight winning streak, which is what earned him a shot at the lightweight title, but Dos Anjos is not concerned about facing the 32-year-old as he handed Cerrone his last loss, via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 27 in August 2013. 

"I think he's still the same guy. He's like a soccer player, a good soccer player that's at the finals and he has a penalty kick and a chance to score, and he kicks it out of the goal," Dos Anjos said on The MMA Hour.

"I think he's that kind of fighter, you know? When I have big tests, I always go over it. And it will be no different on December 19th. Of course, I think so (he chokes in big fights). And he knows that."

Dos Anjos also had some choice words for Anthony Pettis, the man he beat via unanimous decision at UFC 185 in March to win the lightweight title. 

According to Dos Anjos, Pettis is currently in two minds and cannot decide whether he wants a rematch for the lightweight title or whether he wants to move down to the featherweight division and face fighters like Conor McGregor and reigning champion Jose Aldo. 

However, should Pettis decide to come after Dos Anjos again, the 30-year-old Brazilian is confident that he will emerge victorious once more.

"I think he's (Pettis) just confused," Dos Anjos said. "He's talking about his goals for 145, he wants to face McGregor, he wants a rematch with me, he is just confused. He does not know what he wants. 

"Also, I think that's the only way he gets his belt back is if he helps Cerrone, because he knows he can beat him and he cannot beat me. That's the only way he can hope to get his title back."