Jon Jones will be allowed to fight at UFC 197

Jon Jones is expected to be released from prison on Thursday, after appearing before a judge at the New Mexico Second Judicial District Court.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion landed himself in prison after violating the conditions of his parole during a traffic citation last week.

On Thursday morning, the Bernalillo County District Attorney recommended Jones complete a driver education course, anger management counseling and 60 hours community service.

It also recommended he submit to a 10pm curfew, but his defence argued this would hinder his ability to travel to Las Vegas and face Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23.

Luckily for Jones, Judge Michael E. Martinez ruled in his favour and did not impose a curfew, allowing the fight to go ahead.

Martinez also ruled that Jones may not drive without the permission of his probation officer, and warned him that the court would be far less sympathetic if he finds himself in trouble again.

Jones was expected to be released from jail later in the afternoon.

Reaction the news on social media was swift, ranging from earnest to more light-hearted:

The UFC also released a statement following the news:

UFC respects the decision made today by Judge Michael E. Martinez in New Mexico Second Judicial District Court regarding the probation terms of the case involving Jon Jones.

The organization was disappointed to learn that Jones was cited for several traffic offenses last week, as well as concerned by the nature and tone of portions of the conversation between Jones and the citing officer.

Still, UFC respects Jones’ right to contest those traffic citations in court and receive a fair hearing on the matter.

Jones’ scheduled bout on April 23 will proceed as planned, however, Jones understands that the UFC expects him to fully cooperate with the terms of his probation as set forth by Judge Martinez.