Perez reiterates McGregor doping accusations

Nate Diaz’s coach, Richard Perez, has again claimed that Conor McGregor used Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in the build-up to UFC 196 and also predicted that his fighter will dominate McGregor should a rematch be arranged.

Perez claims that Diaz was in bad shape for UFC 196 and still comprehensively beat McGregor. He believes that if the pair meet again at UFC 200, Diaz will cause serious damage.

“McGregor had a full camp training, and he even moved up weight to get stronger. Nathan was out, enjoying himself, going to Cabo. You know, he’s eating and drinking and having fun, and they call him.

“So if it took him two weeks to dominate a guy that’s undefeated, that’s the golden boy, what do you think is going to happen in three months training?

“McGregor’s never seen Nathan in really good shape, he’s seen him only half-ass. This is nothing. He wasn’t really in tip-top shape at all.”

Perez also remains adamant that McGregor was using PEDs to get in shape for UFC 196.

“By watching a guy to come up from 145 to 170, you’re gonna have some fat on you. Believe me, you’re going to have to have some fat somewhere. Around your waist, somewhere. He didn’t have any fat at all. He was solid muscle. So how are you going to build that much in two weeks and be solid muscle?

“He was supposed to fight at 155, but he was already overweight. I know he was. When he found out that (Rafael dos Anjos) hurt his ankle, he called Nathan out at 170. So that tells me right there that he couldn’t get down to weight because something’s making him build up.”

“To me, I feel like he’s gotta be on some kind of substance, you know, to get built up. Cause he’s a little guy, and a little guy can’t get real bulky that quick.”