Diaz: This is not a sport

While Nate Diaz has often come across as terse, belligerent and vulgar in the build-up to UFC bouts, his most recent interview with Fox Sports has portrayed him in a light very few will be familiar with.

For as long as there have been complaints that Diaz’s behavior is detrimental to MMA, there’s also been another contingent that has sworn that he is an upstanding, friendly, low-key person.

For most that will be hard to believe.

Diaz explains his apparent dual-personalities by pointing to the fact that his job is to fight.

“I gotta get in the cage and I gotta fight the guy, so it’s kinda hard to act right, talk like a civilized human being when I’m in a very uncivilized situation.”

Later, when questioned on his rivalry with Conor McGregor, Diaz was again honest.

“I never hated him. I never hated anybody I fight. It’s all good, Conor.

“It’s all good with everybody. If we ain’t fighting, and we’re not lined up to meet and fight, then it’s all good with everybody.”

Just in case

However, Diaz insists that as soon as he has been paired up to fight someone, a flip switches inside him.

“If we’re gonna fight, stay your ass over there and I’ll stay over here.

“That’s how I feel. Everybody else is like, ‘That’s unsportsmanlike.’ But this is not a sport, you know what I’m saying.

“We’re on Fox Sports and everything, but this is a fight and that’s genuine.

“I’m the only one acting like we’re in a real fight because you know why? Because we are in a real fight. That’s a real attitude and the way I really feel about it. And sometimes it makes me the bad guy because of that.”