Weidman: Rockhold rematch is ‘do or die’

Chris Weidman is determined to come out on top when he faces Luke Rockhold in a rematch for the middleweight title at UFC 199 on June 4.

Weidman lost the title to Rockhold when he was knocked out in the fourth round of their bout at UFC 194 on December 12.

With a chance to win the title back, Weidman knows that he cannot afford to lose to the 31-year-old for a second time.

“This is a do or die fight for me,” Weidman told Inside MMA. “I have to go out there and dominate him. This is my career on the line. This is everything. This is bigger than my Anderson Silva fights.”

Weidman also knows that should he fail to beat Rockhold, his chances of another middleweight title shot will be slim at best.

The New York native is preparing for the rematch with a 12-week camp, which is double the amount of time he spent preparing when he first faced Rockhold in December last year.

“I’m already starting my camp,” he said. “I did a six-week camp last time and now I’m doing a 12-week camp this time. I’m just going to be very prepared.”