McGregor commercial banned in Ireland

A Budweiser commercial featuring UFC star Conor McGregor has been banned by Ireland’s national television network, RTE.

The commercial, which can be seen as somewhat inspirational, sees McGregor walking through the neighbourhood in Ireland where he grew up before switching to McGregor strolling through the streets of America.

All the while, the fighter is delivering the following rousing speech: “Never give up on your dream. Be your own inspiration. A beacon of self-belief. Keep proving others wrong,” he said. “If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough. So dream as big as you dare.”

Just a matter of a few years ago McGregor was on social welfare in Ireland, but now is one of the best-paid fighters in the world.

However, the commercial has been banned as it is said to encourage underage drinking. Regulators cited advertising guidelines that “heroes of the young” shouldn’t market alcohol as the motivation for having the advert banned.

For their part, Budweiser have said that the ad was approved by the alcohol industry’s pre-vetting service, CopyClear, and that ‘Dream Big’ campaign was aimed at motivating people to improve their circumstances.

Here’s the ad in question, you can decide whether or not it should be banned: