Benavidez motivated by Johnson’s dominance

Former UFC flyweight Joseph Benavidez says he is motivated and not discouraged by the absolute dominance of division champion Demetrious Johnson.

Johnson has suffered just two defeats in his 23-fight professional mixed martial arts career and only one loss in since joining the UFC, but has never been defeated since dropping down from bantamweight when the flyweight division was created.

‘Mighty Mouse’ became the first ever UFC flyweight champion when he defeated Benavidez in 2012 and has since gone on to defend the title on seven occasions, including a rematch against Benavidez in 2013.

Benavidez, who scored a unanimous decision win over Ali Bagautinov, another of Johnson’s vanquished challengers, at UFC 192 on Saturday, says Johnson’s success only motivates him.

“Just seeing how great the champion’s performances have been; that motivates you every day,” he said at the post event press conference.

“For everyone; I’m willing to fight the champion whenever, every single time out. After every single fight, I’m ready to do it.

“Obviously I know what it takes to get there. Beating tough guys day in and day out – and now its four in a row – that only helps.

“I understand it takes some time and there are some other contenders out there, but I’m ready to do it very time.

I think you can have me and Mighty Mouse fight 20 times and it’s going to be exciting no matter what. For me it’s just about getting better every day because I know how great the champion is.

“I’m not the best in the world and I want to be so that’s what motivates me. Every day I have something to improve on.”

Johnson’s most recent title defence was against John Dodson and finished with the champion holding onto his title with a unanimous decision victory, his second against the same man.