Hunt reacts to ‘disrespectful’ Mir

Mark Hunt and Frank Mir will face off at UFC Fight Night 85 in Brisbane this weekend and the pre-fight hype is underway.

The American has already boldly stated that he would end Hunt’s career by breaking his legs.

Hunt (11-10-1 MMA) revealed that Mir’s disrespectful demeanour is part of his arsenal, though he is not falling for it.

“That’s his game,” the 41-year-old told AAP.

“I will show my respect when I am punching his face in.”

Aside from the usual pre-fight war of words, the ‘Super Samoan’ believes it his commitment that will set him apart from Mir (18-10 MMA) in the octagon.

“I am ready to give my life in there – I am not sure whether he is,” added the New Zealand-born fighter.

“That’s the only way to feel if you want to become the best fighter on the planet. I am willing to go that much further than he is.

“His game is to try and put me on the ground and submit me, my game will be to try and knock his face off.”