Edgar likely to face McGregor

Frankie Edgar is confident that he will finally get his chance to face Conor McGregor at UFC 200 for the Featherweight belt.

Edgar has had an impressive UFC career which at one point saw him in possession of the Lightweight title.

However, after losing that belt, in 2012 he signaled his intent to move down to 145 lbs.

At UFC 153 Edgar fought Jose Aldo for the Featherweight title and the latter won via unanimous decision.

Since then the 34-year-old has been working for another shot at the title and it appears that this might finally materialise at UFC 200 as UFC president Dana White is looking to confirm an opponent for McGregor.

“I’ve got a lot of traction, got a lot of buzz going on that this is the fight the fans want,” Edgar told The Times on Monday.

“I know Dana [White] is talking about it in the media, and I think Conor’s a man of his word about fighting the number one guy out there, if that’s what he wants, it’s got to be me.”

Edgar is currently ranked as the number two Featherweight in official UFC rankings and he never let an opportunity to fire a verbal jab at Aldo pass him by.

“The reason you watch fights is to see who’s the better guy, not to watch a guy get knocked out with one punch,” Edgar quipped.

“He [Aldo] had his chance, and now I think it’s my time.”

Aldo is also reportedly being considered as McGregor’s next opponent but Edgar is adamant that the UFC will not provide him with such a high-profile fight again given his tendency to pull-out of bouts before they even happen.

“That’s not the only fight Aldo has had to pull out of because of an injury. He has a history,” Edgar said.

“I’m not sure they want to bank on that guy again.

“I think it’s my time. After my fight with Mendes, Dana said I can get whatever I want.

“Now, McGregor’s coming back down to 145. Well, that’s what I want.”