Tate: Rousey will never be the same

New UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is open to facing Ronda Rousey for a third time, but isn’t sure her former foe will still be the same fighter.

Rousey beat Tate back in 2012 and 2013 – the latter victory taking less than a minute – but was soundly beaten by Holly Holm last year.

“She’s never been hit like that in a fight,” Tate told the BBC.

“That head kick was brutal and put her out cold. I don’t know if she’ll ever come back the same.”

Tate beat Holm in Las Vegas last weekend, and the natural next step would seem to be an opportunity to get revenge on Rousey.

But the new champion isn’t convinced Rousey would even be interested in that.

“She is doing movies, she seems to have a career path in other areas,” said Tate.

“She’s obviously in love with [fellow UFC fighter] Travis Browne. She wants to have his kids. It seems like her mind is in so many other places than fighting.”

Tate believes Rousey’s defeat tarnished her legacy, and Rousey may no longer be interested in restoring it.

“Ronda has had everything work out perfectly in her career so far,” said Tate.

“Her whole plan was to retire undefeated. Now that is scratched, so her legacy is tarnished in a sort of way. I would say in a big way, actually.”