Velasquez: I didn’t prepare well enough

Cain Velasquez has admitted that he should have done a lot more preparation prior to his fight against Fabricio Werdum, in which he lost his UFC heavyweight title. 

Velasquez was dethroned as champion after he was forced to submit in the third round at UFC 188 in June. 

However, Velasquez has been granted a rematch against Werdum, which is scheduled to take place in March next year, and the 33-year-old pointed out that he knows what he has to do to regain his title. 

"I should have prepared better, but I didn’t, so as far as that, it is what it is," Velasquez told "It was my first time fighting in that kind of altitude, so you learn from it and you move on. That’s pretty much it. For next time, if that ever happens again, I know what I have to do."

Velasquez also revealed that he would like to fight more often in 2016 and added that one of his main aims is to stay injury free. 

"As far as being more active, yeah, I’d like to be more active," he said. "As far as injuries, yeah, I would like to not have any injuries at all – I would love that too. As far as that stuff and the future, no, I don’t (think about it at all).

"I just take my stuff day-by-day and as far as what my legacy is later, obviously that’s for the people to decide. The only thing I can do is give it my all when I go out there and fight and that’s pretty much it."