‘Silva won’t need surgery’

Anderson Silva’s coach, Luiz Dorea, has revealed that the Brazilian won’t need to have surgery on his leg following his loss to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84 on Saturday.

During his defeat to Bisping, Silva thought that he had cracked a bone in his leg after connecting with a kick in the first round. Silva believed that a screw had moved in his leg, but that did not prove to be the case as the former middleweight champion underwent scans after the fight.

However, even though Silva’s leg wasn’t fractured, Dorea confirmed that the 40-year-old did suffer an injury, but that it is not clear how serious it is.

“He felt a kick he landed in the first round, thought he cracked his leg and a screw moved,” Dorea told MMA Fighting. “That limited his movements, made him stop attacking for a moment. I asked him to attack, but he said ‘professor, I’m feeling it, I have no confidence’. I said ‘use your heart, you’re Anderson Silva, go after him’. That slowed him down a bit. Bisping attacked more, but less effectively. Anderson was more effective.

“Silva did some exams after the fight. He suffered an injury, but the screw didn’t move. I don’t know how bad the injury was, but I know the screw didn’t move and he won’t need a surgery. He was in pain in the locker room, but he won’t need surgery. He was in pain, he couldn’t even put his shoes on, but he’s fine now.”

Dorea also expressed his displeasure at the result of the fight as he believed Silva should have been declared the winner when he dropped Bisping to the floor with a flying knee at the end of the third round.

Silva was celebrating as he believed he had won, but the referee let the fight continue and Bisping eventually emerged victorious by a unanimous decision after a brutal five rounds.

“I disagree (with the decision). First of all, I disagree with the knockout,” Dorea said. “He landed the knee, (Bisping) went down completely out. Anderson stopped hitting him, celebrated. He couldn’t have pushed forward, but stopped.

“According to (Silva), he looked to the guy and he was bad. And Herb Dean begging him to come back… I never saw something like that in the fight world, the cornerman bringing the stool next to where he went down. The referee told him to come back up, and he didn’t.

“The fight is over. He couldn’t even go back to his corner. Almost two minutes have passed between rounds. The fight is over, winner by knockout.

“I hope the commission reviews this result because this is bad for the sport. Even Dana White saw that way. Everybody knows who won the fight.”

Meanwhile, Dorea expects Silva to begin training again in two to three weeks and believes that ‘The Spider’ will be ready to fight in two to three months.

“I believe he will be ready to train again in two or three weeks, and then fight again in two or three months,” he said. “That also shows who won the fight. Anderson can fight in two months. Can Bisping do the same after that beating?”