Where would a Conor McGregor movie rate?

Conor McGregor has hinted that it won’t be long before his name is up in lights in Hollywood. It remains to be seen whether it’s through following Ronda Rousey into acting, or a telling of his rags-to-riches story that will take the movie industry by storm, but whatever the case, McGregor is confident he will be a hit, of course.

Mark Wahlberg, who has worked with Rousey already, has said he wouldn’t be surprised if McGregor landed a movie role, and one could certainly see him as a maniacal villain.

The biggest stumbling block in getting McGregor’s story to the big screen may be his refusal to believe any actor could deliver a satisfactory performance of the fighter himself, but putting that aside it could be an interesting watch. Where would it rate in the MMA movie rankings, though? Well, we’ve picked out four MMA films to compare it to…

4. Never Back Down

This one pretty much nails the MMA movie stereotype except we have a teenager at the heart of it rather than a down-and-out ex-fighter. Our hero ends up fighting in an underground backyard fight club and training under the guidance of a former MMA great. As for the fight scenes, well, there have been worse!

3. The Philly Kid

When a friend of (wrongly-convicted) ex-con Dillon, a.k.a. The Philly Kid gets into trouble with some loan sharks, Dillon has no choice but to delve into the dark underworld of cage fighting.

The plot is cliched, but the movie is actually not all bad.

2. The Hammer

A movie based on the life of MMA’s first deaf fighter, Matt “The Hammer” Hammill. The story of a fighter overcoming the odds to succeed has Hollywood written all over it. Hammill may not have gone on to be a champion fighter, but he is the one man with a win over Jon Jones, although only after Jones was disqualified for illegal use of the elbows. We’ll give it to him though.

The film is actually about Hammill’s wrestling career, but it makes a nice break from a few cliche MMA films.

1. Warrior

Many hardened MMA fans can only see the Hollywood cliches in this one, but as far as MMA movies go, Warrior is as good as it gets. No other movie in the genre combines a high level of storytelling, acting, and fighting.

Two estranged brothers enter the same MMA tournament and it forces them to confront their past. With Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Morrison, and Nick Nolte in the cast, Warrior is definitely worth watching.