Sonnen says ‘sucker’ Dillashaw won’t get paid to train

Outspoken former UFC light-heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen has labeled bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw a “sucker” for believing he would get paid to train with the Elevation Fight Team.

Dillahsaw recently left Sacramento-based Team Alpha Male, of which he had been a member since leaving college and deciding to focus on mixed martial arts as a career, to join the newly-formed Colorado camp.

The 29-year-old explained that the decision was a financial one because the team would be paying him a salary to train there.

Sonnen explained on his podcast this week exactly why the situation was strange and predicted that it would not last.

“TJ left under the guise that he was going to be paid to train. Do you guys understand how silly that is?" Bloody Elbow quotes Sonnen to have said.

"Gyms don't succeed. Us in the business can tell you. Gym doors get locked up every week. The mats get sold, the ring gets torn down, the lease isn't paid. The gym business is a tough one. I love the sport but I understand that's a tough business.

"Now a gym without a long history is offering to pay TJ Dillashaw? TJ, those checks aren't coming, brother. That was a really, really sucker move by you. You must not have an advisor.

"You heard it here first. TJ, you're not getting paid to train. I don't care what promises you've been made or who signed the contract.

“You're not getting paid a monthly salary to train. If you get that for five months I would be stunned. I'll tell you now, you're not getting it for a year. That's not even in the cards."

Sonnen went on to predict that Dillashaw would “likely” lose his January 17 title bout against former champion Dominic Cruz.