Hunt eager to triumph over Mir

Mark Hunt has said he is determined to emerge victorious from his fight with Frank Mir at UFC Fight Night 85 on March 20 since the winner will move on “to bigger and better and things”.

The victor will receive the opportunity to face a top five fighter in the heavyweight division and should they win that fight, it will lead to a title shot. With so much on offer, Hunt will do whatever it takes to beat Mir.

“To fight a top-five guy and then move on to a world title fight,” Hunt told reporters. “The winner moves on to bigger and better and things and the loser moves on to the toilet.

“If I get hurt or die in the Octagon that’s how far I am willing to go, if he breaks my arm in the Octagon then break it off.”

Hunt is well aware that Mir is a submission specialist and is capable of inflicting maximum damage. This was evident when Mir made Brock Lesnar submit to the kneebar at UFC 81 in February 2008 and when he broke Antonio Nogueira’s arm with a kimura lock at UFC 140 in December 2011.

While Hunt is wary of the threat Mir poses, he is confident that he will come out on top as he has prepared himself by doing a lot of submission defence training.

“Frank’s a grappler and I’m a striker, we’re going to see who imposes their will onto someone else,” Hunt said. “I should be a black belt already and I practice a lot of submission defence, so I know what is going on, on the ground.”

Mir is ready for a battle of two different styles, but is confident that it is he who will emerge victorious in Brisbane on March 20.

“We both know what the other wants to do,” Mir said. “His ‘A’ game is striking, ‘B’ game is grappling (and) he is very efficient at his ‘B’ game.

“He is a world champ kickboxer, explosive hands, great striking, good chin – if I fight him in a kickboxing match I am going to lose.

“However my grappling is the equivalent of his striking and I am one of the most dangerous submission artists in the division, if not the most dangerous submission artist.”