Velasquez to resume training in a month

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez says that he is recovering well after undergoing orthoscopic surgery to relieve the pain that forced him to withdraw from his title bout with Fabricio Werdum at UFC 196.

Velasquez dropped out of UFC 196 three weeks prior to the event, where he was due to face Werdum.

On Monday, the fighter underwent surgery, which seems to have gone swimmingly.

Velasquez revealed that he had the surgery to “remove bone fragments that were irritating the sciatic nerve” via a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Doctors have now recommended rest for at least two weeks before he can start light training.

He is then expected to be able to return to high intensity exercise in four to five weeks.

UFC officials have yet to announce what’s next for Velasquez. However, signs point to the bout with Werdum being rebooked for later this year.