Holloway eyeing McGregor rematch

Max Holloway was in Ireland  weekend and used the occasion to call out Conor McGregor for a rematch. 

Holloway was beaten by McGregor via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 26 in August 2013, but the 23-year-old has won his last seven fights since then.

The Hawaii native, who will face Jeremy Stephens at UFC 194 in December, has an eye on a rematch and has said he has no problem facing McGregor on his home turf at Croke Park in Ireland. 

"If Conor gets through (Jose) Aldo and I beat (Jeremy) Stephens, I'll come back to Ireland and we can fight inside that little soccer field that he wants to fight in," Holloway told reporters.

When Holloway and McGregor first met in August 2013, the 23-year-old suffered an ankle injury in the first round of the fight, an injury which hindered his efforts.

"I didn't complain but I had an injury in the first 30 seconds of the fight that made me not be able to move the way I wanted to move," Holloway said. "We'll see what happens. The last time we fought someone took someone down and it wasn't me.

McGregor has said that he will consider moving up to the lightweight division if he dethrones Jose Aldo as the UFC featherweight champion at UFC 194, and should the Irishman decide to do so, Holloway has no problems moving up with him. 

"I'm only 23, I turn 24 at the end of the year," Holloway said. "I'm probably going to go up in weight and me and Conor's probably going to fight a bunch of times and all you guys are going to be loving it."