Rockhold: I will beat Weidman in two rounds

Luke Rockhold is confident that he can dethrone Chris Weidman as the UFC middleweight champion inside the first two rounds of their bout at UFC 194 in December. 

Rockhold's comments come after Weidman said that he would need just three rounds to retain his title during a recent Periscope question-and-answer session. 

"I’m going to shut Chris Weidman down in the first round," he told Submission Radio. "I’m gonna expose him in the second round. And I’m gonna finish him with a left kick, followed by a left punch."

Rockhold also believes that Weidman is too slow and added that he will render the champion's wrestling approach useless. 

"Chris is just too slow, he’s too slow, he’s too slow. That’s all I gotta say. He’s slow, slow, and he’s slow.

"I have more cardio…I will shut down his wrestling…I’m confident in my striking…He [Weidman] is in trouble."