Dos Anjos: I will make McGregor bleed

Rafael dos Anjos has vowed to make featherweight champion Conor McGregor bleed when they clash for the lightweight title at UFC 197 in March. 

McGregor has a chance to make history on March 5 as he could become the first fighter in the organisation to hold two different titles at the same time should he defeat Dos Anjos.

However, Dos Anjos made it clear that he won’t lose his lightweight title to McGregor and added that he will punish and wear down the Irishman over a few rounds rather than finish him off quickly in the first.

“I’m going to have a chance to finish this fight in the first round but I won’t,” Dos Anjos told reporters. “I’m going to punish him all the way to the third or the fourth. I’m going to make him bleed. He’s going to pay for everything he’s talking about everybody, for all the disrespect this guy has. I’m going to punish him for long minutes.”

“This guy is the 145 pound champion. Whoever tries to step to my division and try to take my belt away, I will make sure I will keep my belt. I’m here, he’s the challenger, I’m the champion. He’s a smart guy. He doesn’t want to put his featherweight belt on the line because if he lose he doesn’t have anything.

“So it’s smart, he’s trying to go up, I’m going to beat him and I’m going to send him back to 145 and he’s still champion.”

While McGregor has been very vocal about his fight with Dos Anjos, saying that the 31-year-old Brazilian “has nothing else to offer me but that gold belt”, Dos Anjos has refused to be drawn into a war of words with the Irishman as he admitted that trash talking doesn’t appeal to him.

“I’m not a trash talker. I respect my opponents,” Dos Anjos said. “I talk the truth. I don’t trash talk, I talk the truth. March 5, I will send this guy back home sad and I’m going to keep my belt.”