Edgar: I can dethrone McGregor as champion

Frankie Edgar believes that he is capable of ensuring Conor McGregor has a short reign at UFC featherweight champion. 

McGregor ended Jose Aldo’s five-year reign as champion in 13 seconds at UFC 194 last Saturday and subsequently etched his name in the history books, as he broke the record for the shortest title fight in UFC history. 

However, Edgar is confident that he can beat McGregor should he be given the opportunity to step into the octagon with the Irishman.

However, Edgar may have to wait in line as there has been mounting speculation that McGregor will face Aldo in a rematch. There have also been rumours that McGregor is planning to move up to the lightweight division, but the featherweight champion has made it clear that he will not do so if he has to vacate the title he just won. 

"He's got one more challenge – and that's me," Edgar told FOX Sports. "(He will have) a very short title reign.

"You've seen what's happened before. I've seen it slip out of my hands and slip out of others' hands as well, so I've got to be ready for that. But I'm hoping for the best.

"I feel like I've been saying it after every post-fight interview. I'm calling Dana (White) out and everything. Last night he told me I'm getting it. He said it at the press conference that I'm next in line, and I just saw him outside the cage, 'Conor's going up, we don't know what we're going to do, or Conor might give Aldo a rematch.' But then Conor just said he'd like to fight me possibly, so I like the latter."

Edgar has wanted to get his hands on McGregor for the past year and should his wish be fulfilled, the 34-year-old believes that he will be the Irishman’s worst nightmare. 

"I think it's up to Conor, it's up to Dana, we'll see. I think if he's thinking about going to 155, which is another rumor, he's got one more fight left and that's me. I think I'm his worst matchup," Edgar said. "I know it, I think a lot of people know it and he's got to fight that fight before he makes that move.

"You see what Chad (Mendes) did to him on a 15-day camp. I come in prepared always and I'll be ready."