Edgar: Title shot unlikely

Frankie Edgar has expressed his frustration at being continuously snubbed for a featherweight title fight. 

Edgar is currently on a five-fight winning streak, but admitted that he is unlikely to face featherweight champion Conor McGregor any time soon. 

McGregor ended Jose Aldo’s five-year reign as champion in just 13 seconds at UFC 194 on December 12 and UFC president Dana White has hinted that Aldo will be given an immediate rematch. 

With White's comments in mind, Edgar has conceded that he is tired of waiting for his title shot opportunity, and maintains his belief that he deserves to be McGregor’s next opponent. 

“I want to fight McGregor for the belt as soon as possible. Am I going to get it? I f***ing doubt it,” Edgar told MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani. “I don’t know, man. I’m like in limbo here. I was promised that I get whatever I want one night, and then the next night I guess Conor gets whatever he wants. For sure I’m pissed. I’ve been at this for a while now.

“I’ve been knocking on the door for this title shot for a while. It started with Cub, if he beat me he was promised a title shot. I finishing him in pretty dominant fashion and I’m not even considered for that title shot. I take it in stride, I do everything in stride. I do think I’m a company man, but, it’s not really panning out for me being that way.”

Edgar added that he is finding it hard to stay quiet about the matter as he feels that White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta are turning a deaf ear to his pleas for a title fight. 

“I’m there already (losing patience). But, I’m not one to sit there and cry about it,” he said. “My whole career I’ve been told I’m too quiet. Then I say something, and ‘Oh, you’re f***ing crying.’ Come on, you just can’t win with these people. That’s why you don’t listen to them.

“The only people I need to be talking to are Lorenzo and Dana, but it seems like they’re not listening either.”