Four-man featherweight tournament in Beijing

One FC has announced that the Dynasty of Champions event in Beijing will include a four-man featherweight tournament which will see a new champion crowned on the night.

The event, which takes place at The Gymnasium of National Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing on 19 December, will feature four featherweights competing for the spoils. The fighters involved will be He Nan Nan, Li Gen, Li Kai Wen and Wang Ya Wei. In addition Chinese bantamweights Ji Xian and Song Ya Dong will be facing off.

One FC Victor Cui is excited about the upcoming event. He was quoted on the One FC website, "ONE FC is set to become the first major mixed martial arts organization to make inroads into mainland China. We will launch a 10-city tour with a huge event in Beijing as a sign of things to come! China is a hotbed for mixed martial arts talent and I will not be surprised to see a ONE FC World Champion from China in the near future. The path to glory begins at ONE FC: DYNASTY OF CHAMPIONS! Get ready for a night of world-class mixed martial arts action as ONE FC is live from China for the first time!"

The co-main event features lightweight stars Vincent Latoel and Adrian Pang facing off. Latoel has done well since joining One FC, and former champion Pang is a 30-fight veteran.

Ji Xian has a Sanda background and went on to become a pan pacific champion and Song Ya Dong is considered a massive star on the rise, having won four MMA fights while still in his teens.

The four fighters who will be competing for the featherweight championship are all strong contenders. Shanxi Province's He Nan Nan is a former bodybuilder who has developed punching power that his opponents fear. Sanda fighter Li Gen has been part of a champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team for two years and is sure to bring his skills to the cage. Li Kai Wen and Wang Ya Wei are both wrestlers; but Wang Ya Wei has added to his arsenal with Muay Thai training in Thailand.