Rousey: I work harder than anyone else

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey says the reason she will beat challenger Holly Holm in Sunday’s UFC 193 main event in Melbourne is because 'she wants it more'.

In a chat with media at Federation Square in Melbourne on Thursday, Rousey said the reason that she will win the fight against Holm is that she trains harder than anyone else and wanted the victory more than her opponent.

“Because I work hard harder than everybody,” Rousey told media at a packed Federation Square.

“And I want it more. That’s it.That’s really is it. And I know this is what I was put on this earth to do. It really is.

“This is a mission that was given to me. I’ve found my place and what I’m supposed to be doing. And I really feel it’s better for all of us. This is my role for all the women in the division.

“It helps them all out that they get to take turns losing to me. And they can make a lot more money. After I retire they fight each other, they’re not going to make as much money as they are being the contenders now.

“If anything, they’ll appreciate me know but maybe not right now. This is my purpose and I’m fulfilling it."

Challenger Holm told media that she feels that she can cause an upset as being a former boxing champion means that Rousey has never faced an opponent before like herself.

“I’m a different fighter than anything she’s fought before,” Holm said.

“I know it’s very hard, but it’s not undo-able. It’s a fight you’ve never seen before so come check it out.”