5 biggest joke fighters in MMA history

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

Not everyone can be a world champion in MMA, and that’s a reality that many fighters have to come to terms with at some stage during their career. Of course, some fighters just don’t know when to stop even when it is obvious that they should hang up their gloves, and thus, we get guys like the following five examples.

While they’ve all ‘had their moments’ so to speak, that certainly doesn’t validate their records – which, in truth, could easily be false given the nature of mixed martial arts. We’re just going with the ‘benefit of the doubt’ technique here and we’re trusting that sanctioned organisations have correlated these results.

Either way, this isn’t going to be a piece that showcases the very best in this game, so if that’s what you’re looking for then we’ve got some bad news.

Bob Sapp – 12-20-1

Bob Sapp has become something of a ‘meme’ and that’s not exactly the lasting legacy you’d want to have for yourself. All of his wins have come against either out of shape non-fighters or gentlemen that are half his size, and in his defeats, he almost always taps immediately when faced with adversity. Some would call that preservation, but we’d call it something else entirely.

Kenneth Allen – 1-39

At what point is enough, enough? This man has been submitted 29 times, he’s only won one fight (which was avenged) and he seems to get worse and worse every time he steps inside the cage. We’re hoping that he takes it upon himself to stay away for good after being out of competition for over a year, but you truly can never say never in MMA.

Jay Ellis – 15-73

Jay Ellis has the kind of personality that would lead you to believe he’s the baddest man on the planet, but his body language often falls apart once another man is stood across from him in the cage. He’s a submission-losing machine if such a thing even exists, but beyond that, he’s someone who should almost certainly find a new career path.

Shannon Ritch – 57-84

Shannon Ritch has a pretty intimidating look, but that’s where the positives begin and end. He has actually been accused of throwing fights (aka cheating) on several occasions throughout the course of his career, which is no small accusation to make. He pops up with a win every now and then, but it always seems like that surprises him more than anyone else.

Ryan Scheeper – 4-38

The general belief is that Ryan may have actually won anywhere between four and 25 fights, but the inaccuracy is so bad that the common fan tends to assume it’s four – in an official capacity, that is. He almost always looks outmatched in every way, shape or form imaginable when he’s in that cage, to the point where he’s actually a danger to himself. That’s not something you want to see, and if possible, we’d like to see a little bit more care being taken with these events that are quite clearly being ‘thrown’ together.

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