Sparv confident in Full Metal Beatdown of Bagheri

“The Teddy Bear” Glenn Sparv (19-5) is returning to Bangkok to claim the title that he feels he has earned at Full Metal Dojo (FMD) 16 on November 3.

The Tiger Muay Thai-trained Middleweight beast, who is ranked no. 1  in Southeast Asia on Tapology, will take on the rising, undefeated contender Mehdi Bagheri (4-0), representing Monarchy MMA of Kuala Lumpur.

Finland’s Sparv has fought four times in 2018, most recently in China, and has a wealth of experience going into this fight.

Sparv uses his mauling top game to finish Michael Dubois in the first ever FMD event.

Although he applauds the confidence of Bagheri in stepping-up to fight him so early in his career, “The Teddy Bear” believes the Iranian has bitten off way more than he can chew this time.

“I do admire his self-confidence for accepting this fight, but unfortunately for him, his ego wrote a check that his skills can’t cash,” he said.

“I’ve been around the block and back a couple of times, won most, lost some, and I’m still top of the rankings so I feel entitled to this FMD Middleweight title.”

Photo courtesy of Full Metal Dojo

Sparv’s opponent Bagheri specialises in Graeco-Roman wrestling and has demonstrated some impressive Jiu Jitsu in his first four fights, with three submission victories.

Yet the vicious Muay Thai striker Sparv, who also trains wrestling with the famed George Hickman, is far from impressed with Bagheri’s skills.

“Somebody said he is a high-level wrestler, but I am yet to see any high-level wrestling so we will see what he brings, but at the end of the day: Whatever he can do – I can do better.”

When asked if he had seen Bagheri’s last performance, a second-round submission win over Javier Trujillo, Sparv responded with a veiled shot at the Iranian: “Yes, I thought it was a great performance from Javier, who is a Lightweight. He had some good moments and got caught in a choke. Hats off to him.”


FMD 16 will be livestreamed in dual language on FOX Sports Asia and FMD Facebook.