White-collar boxer TJ Chang ready for Bangkok Brawl

Richard Arthur Richard Arthur

FOX Sports Asia speaks to the king of Bangkok white collar boxing, TJ “Hell Boy” Chang to find out more about his charity boxing event Bangkok Brawl and his thoughts on going pro.

Bangkok Brawl 5 takes place this Saturday, August 4 in Bangkok, Thailand. Started by Bangkok-based British expat, TJ Chang and partners, they are now on their fifth annual event – promoting white collar boxing to beginners and amateurs looking to get some real fight experience in a competitive fight.

Being a charity event, all money raised goes to the charity HDF Mercy Centre to help orphans and children from troubled families mainly from the Klongtoey area of Bangkok.

As well as founding Bangkok Brawl, TJ Chang has also fought at every event, ensuring a strong local following of fans.

“The event itself means a lot because it’s always so much fun,” Chang told us, “the atmosphere at Insanity is unbelievable and it’s all for a great cause, which makes getting punched in the face worth it.”

“I really see Bangkok Brawl as the benchmark for western boxing in Thailand,” he explained.

“It gives people who have never boxed before 15 minutes of fame, to tick it off the bucket list, and the standard of the regulars is high. There’s no reason why Bangkok Brawl can’t incorporate some professional bouts in the future.”

“My favourite Bangkok Brawl moment?” he thought, “would have to be winning the rematch at Bangkok Brawl 4 against Nazar Moroz. He knocked me out in Bangkok Brawl 3 which was my first loss, so beating him was huge for me mentally and of course in front of everyone. We’re still good friends and maybe one day we’ll do the trilogy.”

This Saturday Chang fights the much more experienced Alexey Miroshkin. How does he think the fight will go?

“He’s got a very impressive record of 21-7-1 compared to my 9-1-0, but I’m just as confident as I always am because I don’t see the point in fighting people you know you can beat. I love the challenge of being outside my comfort zone and having to work hard to get the win. For me, it’s what it’s all about.

“We are scheduled for five three-minute rounds but I can’t see it going the distance, I’m gonna stalk him and go for the stoppage every chance I get. I don’t like leaving it to the judges.”

The fight will mark Chang’s 11th amateur box fight, in which time his punching power and marketing acumen have earned him a professional boxing call-up from the Roar Of Singapore. He will fight Daryl Cole at Roar of Singapore 5 on September 29.

“It was never my plan to go pro”, TJ continued, “but I can’t wait to step up and really test my self. I’m 30 and in the prime of my life, so as long as the fights are fair, there’s no one I can’t beat. It sounds strange, but once that bell rings and the red mist descends, I could be in front 600 people at Bangkok Brawl or 6000 at Roar of Singapore, it makes no difference, autopilot kicks in and Hell Boy appears. The nerves come with any fight, but I actually love the feeling of being scared and invincible at the same time, it’s kind of addictive.”


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