Kumite 3000 has finally arrived

It’s time to get excited.

Kumite 3000 – The Asian Prizefighting Association is locked, loaded and ready to go, and it’s going to be something very special.

What we have here is the first of its kind, a professional ASEAN fight league. And pride will be on the line this February as Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia go head-to-head for points in the heart of Yangon.

MMA is less than 30 years old. It’s a young sport, and Asian MMA is certainly still growing. At Kumite 3000, we’re looking to the future.

Fighters will be awash with LED lights, marching to the ancient rhythm of applause, cheers and heavy bass.

The match-ups will be carefully considered. The competition and the cage will be home to those who fight with honour and thrive on killer instinct.

Each team will have a squad of three of the most exciting Mixed Martial Arts talents that their nation has to offer including one female and two male fighters.

For each win, the competitors will gain a point for their country while additional points will be awarded for Fight of the night, KO of the night, and performance of the night.

In terms of our roster, the Kumite scouts have already identified some of the best, established fighters in the region while the search to unearth new, young, up-and-comers is one that the team is relishing.

The aim of this promotion is to celebrate the immense talent that South East Asia is bursting with, and provide these athletes a platform to not only achieve national glory, but also springboard their careers to the pinnacle of the sport.

In recent years, we have reveled in witnessing the immense passion of ASEAN sports fans that’s been showcased on our channels throughout the numerous continental football tournaments that we air.

Those fans bring the noise in a major way, and we can’t wait to see that level of energy in an MMA context.

Aired LIVE across the region on the Fox Network, Kumite 3000 promises to be an inspiring enterprise for this young sport. There will be razor sharp content in both English and local language offered throughout our digital platforms. Stars will be made and celebrated with fervor. We delight in telling these stories.

This is something that has never been done on this scale, and the friendly rivalry that exists between the competing nations is expected to deliver plenty of suspense and added spice both in and outside of the cage.

Get ready to be inspired. Prepare to be entertained. Kumite 3000 is finally here