Trainer claims GGG will puncture Canelo myth

Saul Alvarez will receive a rude awakening as Gennady Golovkin plots a punishing and clear-cut victory, says the Kazakh’s trainer Abel Sanchez.

The middleweight superstars hit the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, for a second time on Sunday morning hoping to settle their rivalry once and for all following last year’s controversial draw.

Golovkin’s trainer Sanchez believes it is a clash that defines both fighters and the Mexican tactician has studied another classic middleweight showdown as he plots a destructive victory for ‘GGG’.

“I reviewed the tape of when Bernard Hopkins beat Oscar De La Hoya [in 2004] and saw how Bernard stopped Oscar dead in his tracks with a picture-perfect liver shot,” Sanchez said.

“That was a defining fight for both Bernard and Oscar because of the way they fought and the way Bernard won. They both dared to be great.

“I normally don’t like to give away our game plan but I don’t mind sharing this part of it, Gennady has trained and is prepared to do the same thing to Canelo. We have freshened it up and even gave it a name, The Ginger Snap.

“Saturday’s fight will define Gennady and Canelo. We are going to see if Canelo is coming to fight or coming to run, to survive, in hopes of receiving another gift from the judges.

“Gennady is ready to take the wind out of Canelo’s sails with that punch to the liver.

“Gennady doesn’t just fight Mexican Style, he fights like a Philadelphia fighter of old. Don’t be surprised if Gennady ends things using a punch that is a throwback to those days – a classic liver shot – to puncture the Canelo myth once and for all.”

“Bernard was the first fighter to stop Oscar and Gennady is looking to be the first one to stop Canelo.”