Wilder crashes Fury weigh-in

The weigh-in, at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, for the bout between Britain’s Tyson Fury and Italian Francesco Pianeta was interrupted when WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder arrived on Friday.

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The 30-year-old Fury and Pianeta, who fight on Saturday night at Windsor Park, had to contend with the arrival of Wilder who started shouting in the direction of Fury during the weigh-in.

Should Fury defeat the Italian on Saturday, it is expected that a fight against Wilder could happen towards the end of the year in Las Vegas.

“If I come through this then Wilder has the chance to fight me for the lineal championship. Let’s face it, he’s not really fought anybody and he’s had 40 fights,” Fury said at a press conference in Belfast.

“Of course I’m aware of what is at stake. I definitely can’t afford to slip on the banana skin.

“It’s a very serious matter this weekend and all eyes are on me.

“Fighting Wilder may as well be a million years in the future – I’ve got to concentrate on fighting this guy in front of me.

“If he beats me, he’s going on to something very big, it’s life-changing for him. If I can’t beat him then I can’t beat the rest of them,” said Fury.

“And if I don’t do what I think I can do then I’ll get chinned in 10 seconds and it will be good night Vienna, see you later Tyson Fury and all hail Francesco Pianeta.”