Zou and Amnat make weight

Shiming was just a bit lighter, tipping the scales at 111.6lb while Amnat exactly 112lb – which is the flyweight limit.

The pair have fought before on three occasions and consider themselves good friends. However, they put their friendship aside when they meet in the ring on 7 March, as both fighters aim to win for their country.

Shiming said: "This is my dream. It also the dream of all the boxers in China and tomorrow I will realise this dream and become world champion."

Amnat added: "I would like to confirm that I will bring the IBF belt back to Thailand because my family come here to support me.

"I feel OK about the fight even though it is in Macau, in China. I went to fight in the Olympic Games in Beijing so I'm used to it. And the people here have been very good to me.

"Zou says he will take the belt to China, but I can tell you it will stay in Thailand."

Shiming added: "We are professionals and although it's true we are good friends, when he is in the ring I will want to hurt him, to try to kill him."