Roach denies reports, backs Pacquiao

Freddie Roach has dismissed reports claiming that the Hollywood gymnasium where Manny Pacquiao is training, is being protected by armed guards.

Various media sources reported on Thursday that Roach personally ordered increased security for his Wildcard gym in Los Angeles – where Pacquiao is training for his May 2 fights against Floyd Mayweather.

Roach is currently in the corner of China's Zou Shiming – who meets Amnat Ruenroeng for the IBF flyweight title in Macau on Saturday – but had time to speak to AFP about the above rumours by phone.

"Yeah I heard something about that. It's not true,” Roach told AFP on Friday.

"We have our normal security. To say they are armed and are patrolling outside the gym is bullsh**."

The Wildcard gym is renowned for its open approach and regularly allows the public to see their favourite boxers in action and has been the preferred training ground for 34 world champions across various weight divisions.

Roach admitted, however, that fans and the media won't be allowed there for the majority of Pacquiao's training.

"Yes, we will work with Manny in private to prepare for Floyd. That's normal. But to say I've ordered armed security is absolute bulls**," Roach said.

Roach also believes that Mayweather's age – at 38 the American is two years older than his opponent from the Philippines – might count against him, and hinted that he made a mistake by roping his father into his corner for the bout.

"Floyd's legs don't move like they once did," Roach added.

"He's very clever but the fight is so big he may feel like he has to take a risk and exchange with us. If he does that, that's the best thing in the world for Manny in my mind.

"Floyd is so disrespectful. Manny is the perfect role model for this fight; Mayweather is not.

"I told Manny we've got to beat him for the whole world. There's no way we can't win this fight.

"Going against Floyd Senior is a little disappointing.

"He just isn't very good, especially during the fight itself. One of our advantages is having him in the other corner."