Ortiz explains failed drugs test

Luis Ortiz has explained why he failed the drugs test which led to last year’s world title clash against Deontay Wilder falling through.

Ortiz will fight WBC heavyweight champion Wilder in New York on March 3 after the pair were originally due to meet last November.

That scheduled encounter collapsed when Ortiz tested positive for a banned substance – an offence which initially saw him suspended, before he was cleared of any wrongdoing in December.

The WBC accepted the Cuban’s explanation that he had been taking medication for his blood pressure.

“I had been taking that medicine for two years. It was my mistake not to disclose that prescription drug in the paperwork,” said Ortiz.

“I was taking this medicine to treat high blood pressure, but apparently it’s also used to go to the bathroom a lot and mask other things. The dose they found in my system was too low to mask anything at all.

“If I would have known this prescription drug was not allowed, I would have told my trainer and my doctor. I simply didn’t know it was banned. If I would have known, I would have said something to my trainer or to the doctors.

“I think the fight was not meant to be at that point in time last year. Destiny played a part. It was supposed to be postponed. Now there are no excuses.”