Mayweather Sr. hits back at Roach

Floyd Mayweather Sr. has responded to comments made by Freddie Roach, as the war of words between the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps hots up.

Roach last week made fun of Mayweather Sr, saying the veteran trainer "stutters so much in that corner."

"It takes him three minutes to get one word out," said Roach.

"He's so nervous."

Mayweather, who will be in his son’s corner during the May 2 fight against Pacquiao, was quick to fire back.

"He had the nerve and the audacity to say some sh*t like that?" Mayweather Sr. said in a statement to Fight Hype, referring to Roach's Parkinson's Disease.

 "Freddie, you have the problem, not me."
"Why do other people have to hold the mitts and speak for you?"

"How can you be a trainer when you can't even hold the mitts?"

"You ain't talking about sh*t. Nobody knows what you're saying anyway. You have others talking for you and holding the mitts for you. That's why I call you a roach.

"Freddie don't want Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the corner," he declared, "Because he knows I'm the master."

"He don't want the master in the corner."