McCrory: Ridhwan is Singapore’s Pacquiao

Former IBF world boxing champion Glenn McCrory, who dominated British boxing in the late 80’s, and reinvented himself also as a boxing pundit, sees Muhamad “The Chosen Wan” Ridhwan, as Singapore’s own version of Manny Pacquiao.

McCrory, who was present at Ridhwan’s very impressive showing at ‘Roar of Singapore III – The Chosen Wan’ last October, says, “I think Ridhwan has a complete fighting style, good boxer, relaxed yet confident with a decent punch with either hand and is improving with every fight.”

“I think Ridhwan is Singapore’s own version of Manny Pacquiao and could be a huge star,” muses McCrory, who will also be one of the 2 former world boxing champions commentating on April 20 at the highly anticipated ‘Roar of Singapore IV – The Night of Champions’, which will be held at the 10,000-seater Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Ridhwan, is set to face Filipino boxer Jeson Umbal in their IBO Intercontinental fight, which will be the main fight for that evening.

Mike Ochosa, boxing analyst, on the other hand observed that during ‘Roar of Singapore III’, “Ridhwan was the more tactical boxer that evening as he used his jab to measure his opponent. He would use 2 jab combinations before unleashing his right straight which more often than not, stunned the fighter from Namibia.”

Ochosa continues, “Ridhwan also revealed a very mature demeanour despite his youth. He was in total control of his emotions not allowing the charging Sebastian to get him off his rhythm. He was pushed to his limit but he had enough to control the onslaught.”

Ridhwan’s opponent Filipino boxer Jeson Umbal, in the meantime shouldn’t be taken lightly. Umbal is said to be training hard for this fight.

On Ridhwan, he says, “ He is strong and a very aggressive opponent. Yet I am confident that I can defeat Ridhwan and I am training hard for it.”

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