Mayweather out to impress on fight night

Mayweather, who was chatting to David Mayo of MLive at his training camp in Las Vegas, said that he wanted to look the part come fight night.

"I just want to look good for myself," Mayweather told David Mayo of MLive. "I want to look very impressive."

"A lot of guys do a lot of things wrong, but they are still successful," Mayweather said. "So I want to know what he does right, so I can take that away from him, so I can take that arsenal away from him."

"What I do, when I'm facing a guy, whatever he does good, I take that away from him, so he has to resort to doing something different," he said.

Mayweather has a 47-0 win-loss record and a reputation as the premiere defensive fighter of his generation.

Many feel that Pacquiao’s ability to punch from nearly all angles, and considerable punching power will give Mayweather a lot of problem.

"I'm pretty sure he's going to bring his A-game," Mayweather said. "And it's all about excitement."

"I got here somehow, some way," he added. "He's a solid competitor, but very reckless, and he makes a lot of mistakes."

"But he's been successful. Remember what I said – you've got guys that make a lot of mistakes, but are still successful."