Pacquiao gets six new sparring partners

In a chat with On the Ropes Boxing, Roach confirmed the new sparing partners adding that they were young, undefeated fighters and would give Pacquiao a tough time in training.

"I got six really good guys that all look like Mayweather, and I have one that I'm gonna use in the last two weeks," Roach said.

"This unnamed fighter "used to work at Mayweather's gym and was part of Mayweather's camp.

"He does the style really well," said Roach. "He's my secret weapon right now."

Roach is confident that his man will beat Mayweather even though the Filipino is considered the underdog my many.

"I know (Mayweather is) undefeated and a good fighter, but if you look at his record, he picked and chose his opponents," said Roach. "There are no real big, big names on his resume."

"I don't think he's a great fighter. I think Pacquiao is the better fighter," he added.