Bellew questions Haye’s ‘bank robbery’ analogy

Mickey Garcia post-fight interview

Tony Bellew dismissed David Haye’s analogy about “robbing a bank” when they met again at the first press conference before their rematch.

Haye likened Bellew's victory in March to a robber trying to "secure his family" by stealing a fortune and says he wants revenge for the defeat when they fight on December 17.

"People rob banks to secure their family," Haye said on Wednesday. "Would you go back to rob that same bank again? Is your hatred so bad for the clerk behind the desk that you need to do it again?

"Bellew's motivations were clear – he wanted to secure his family. He's a multi-millionaire – welcome to a very small club of British boxers who don't have to box, they are comfortable. I ask myself: what are his motivations going into the second fight?

"I didn't believe I'd get this opportunity again. I didn't think it would happen. Tony, for some reason, wants to do it again.

"My motivations are for revenge, I want to be the best heavyweight in the world. He doesn't want to fight Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder because he isn't big enough. So why go back into the lion's den?"

Bellew, who won via 11th-round stoppage at The O2 in the first fight after Haye sustained an Achilles injury, reacted dismissively.

"I can't believe the analogy he has used," Bellew said. "I didn't rob a bank – I got in a boxing ring and punched you senseless.

"I fight because, believe it or not, I enjoy fighting. I've got a screw loose. I don't enjoy the 14 weeks build-up or losing loads of weight but, on fight night, I love it. I love punching you in the face and I love getting punched in the face.

"I know in my heart that he still doesn't rate me. I understand David had an injury and showed immense bravery. I knew he wasn't going to quit. What shocked him, that I already knew, is that I was going to take him into deep waters.

"David fell apart because I made him. Pressure. When he caught me clean he got the shock of a lifetime."

A mild-mannered meeting threatened to catch fire towards the end when the heavyweight rivals began bickering about Haye's claim that he never underestimated Bellew in the first fight.

"So why didn't you blow me away? Because you missed like a clown," Bellew said. "I continued to make you miss, which you didn't think I could do.

"He has a problem with stamina because of his style. When he's on top, he's great. But every fighter that beat him adapted mid-fight. There are formulas to beating David."

Haye insisted his Achilles injury has fully healed and he will reinvent himself under new coach Ismael Salas.

"I've been working with the mindset that I would fight in December," Haye said. "I told myself, I told my body, I told my soul.

"I need to focus on strategy, technique and nuances.

"I will not allow Tony Bellew to hear the final bell. I am very healthy, in very good condition."

The former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion Haye also confirmed that he has no plans to weigh-in lighter before the rematch.

"What I weigh, I will weigh. I'm a heavyweight so I don't need to make a weight," he said. "Whatever I weigh, that's what I'm supposed to weigh. I haven't gone on a crash diet or bulked up."