De La Hoya: Golovkin is a monster

Retired boxing superstar Oscar de la Hoya has issued a stern warning to challenger Canelo Alvarez ahead of his highly anticipated clash with Gennady Golovkin next week.

The Kazakh knockout king, who is undefeated after 37 fights with 33 KO’s, faces arguably the biggest fight of his career against a fast and fit Canelo who has only lost to the mercurial Floyd Mayweather.

“Golovkin is a monster, a machine, he is unstoppable,” the retired boxer told ESPN.

“When he hits it’s as if he had dynamite in his fists. He can take a punch, he always comes forward, he does not take a step back, he always wants to give a drama show. His plan will be to knock Canelo out, with that same old strategy – to move forward, to never back off and throw punches from the beginning. We are going to see an explosion in the ring on September 16.

“Canelo’s confidence is in its highest place, but that is dangerous for a young boxer like Canelo. He has to be confident and self-assured, but cautious because on the other side he has a great boxer who is feeling the same emotions that he feels…strong, confident, as if no one can stop him.”

Golovkin is defending the WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO middleweight titles while the winner also picks up the vacant The Ring and lineal titles at the September 16 showcase.