McGregor: ‘Disgruntled’ Malignaggi got his ego dinted

Conor McGregor claims former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi "got his ass whooped" during their sessions together.

The Irishman, who is preparing for his first professional boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather, was speaking in response to accusations that McGregor's camp had released "untrue" images of the New York City-born boxer.

With Malignaggi claiming that McGregor had pushed him down and that it wasn't a knockdown, however Dana White released footage on his Twitter account appearing to show the American getting hit to the canvas.

And McGregor claims the real reason that Malginaggi quit sparring was because "he got badly, badly slapped around."

“He’s a guy that’s at the end of his career. I get the feeling he feels the boxing game has betrayed him now he’s retired," McGregor told MMA Fighting.

"I don’t know what he was expecting coming in here after speaking what he was speaking.

“I didn’t disrespect him. I only released one picture. I didn’t release no f***ing connecting-to-the-face shots. I didn’t release no footage of him getting slapped around because he got slapped around. He got badly, badly slapped around.

“The ropes kept him up multiple times, he was badly concussed, the sparring partners who were in the house that night were worried about him saying he was incoherent, he was stumbling. It didn’t go good for him.

“Respect coming in and trying his best but he got his ass whooped and he got his ego dinted and off he went out the door.

“In my mind it was concussion talk… you think a certain situation happened and it didn’t. I don’t know, he got his ass whooped the poor boy.

“He’s a disgruntled guy who got his ego dinted.”