Dana White releases Malignaggi sparring clips

There has been no end of accusation and counter-accusation since last week when former IBF and WBA World Champion Paul Malignaggi announced he was leaving Conor McGregor’s training camp.

After leaving, he said McGregor’s team had wrongly portrayed their sparring sessions on social media.

McGregor had employed Malignaggi as a sparring partner as he prepares for his megabout with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on Aug. 26th.

The controversy was caused by a leaked picture of Malignaggi on the canvas after he was allegedly knocked down by the Irishman, plus several other pictures showing McGregor getting the upperhand over the former champion.

At the time the retired boxer claimed McGregor had pushed him down and that he was not knocked down

He added that video footage would prove that the claims were wrong and that he had dominated the session.

UFC President Dana White released two clips late on Friday night.

The first clip shows McGregor apparently knocking down the American while the second shows the Irishman landing several hard shots.

Malignaggi responded by claiming that the video was from an earlier round that he had admitted he lost, but reassured people that the entire video would show that he had come out on top.