McGregor eyes two-round KO with lighter gloves

Conor McGregor believes that lighter gloves would see him secure a quickfire victory over Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor has asked for eight ounce gloves to be used for his August 26 showdown against Mayweather, with the Nevada State Athletic Commission due to decide on the request next week.

Ordinarily, 10oz gloves are used for boxing contests for a fight at Mayweather and McGregor’s weight.

But if the commission agrees to change the weight of the gloves, then they would be more familiar to the four ounce ones used by McGregor in the UFC.

“If we’re eight ounces, I’m struggling to give him two rounds, and that’s the God’s honest truth,” McGregor said at an open work-out in Las Vegas, on Friday.

“The only reason I maybe give him two rounds is because in this game the referee stops me from pounding his head into the canvas, and he has 10 seconds to recover.

“That’s the only reason why he might get to the second round.

“I see a beaten man in his eyes, in his body language, in everything he does.”