Top six knockouts of Klitschko’s career

Wladimir Klitschko

Wladimir Klitschko stunned the world by announcing his retirement on Thursday and we thought it apt to put together some of his best work in the ring as a tribute.

The Ukrainian retires with a superlative 64-5 record, 53 of those wins coming via knockout and earning him the nickname Dr Steelhammer.

Fabian Meza – 1996

A fresh faced 20-year-old Klitschko made his professional debut against Meza and he announced himself on the world stage with a bang, flooring the Mexican in the opening round. Ouch.

Calvin Brock – 2006

Always keep your guard up. Brock learnt this lesson the hard way, when a straight left from Klitschko went through his guard and stunned him, setting him up for a massive right hook that sent Brock face down on the canvas. Start this one at 28:55 and stick around for the replay, it’s worth it.

David Bostice – 2000

This was Klitschko’s first fight at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York and what a one sided affair it was. Bostice was knocked down twice before a flurry of hooks finished the job for Klitschko early in the second round.

Samuel Peter – 2010

Their first bout in 2005 ended in a unanimous decision in favour of Klitschko and Peter came back years later to settle the score. The Nigerian took a battering but would eventually go down, with a left hook doing most of the damage.

Eddie Chambers – 2010

Chambers had absorbed much of the pressure and was looking to survive towards the end of the fight. But Klitschko tagged him with just 15 seconds on the clock with a lightning left hook, putting the American straight to sleep.

Kubrat Pulev – 2014

Klitschko faced many boxers with hard heads and none more so than Kubrat Pulev. The Bulgarian was sent to the canvas twice in the opening round and once in the third, before another big left hook ended the match in the fifth round.