Pacquiao could take Horn rematch then retire

Manny Pacquiao’s camp is planning a last fight for the boxing legend before his retirement, according to his conditioning trainer Justin Fortune.

The fight would be a rematch for the WBO welterweight title that he lost to Australian Jeff Horn on Sunday in a decision that some boxing figures having labelled controversial.

But the fight would only take place if none of the three originals judges, or referee Mark Nelson, were involved, said Fortune.

The idea of a rematch was floated as Filipino officials formally requested the WBO conduct an inquiry into the scoring of the ‘Battle of Brisbane’ by the judges and the referee.

Fortune said he wants the 38-year-old Pacquiao to fight Horn again in November before calling it a day.

“The rest of the world is saying it’s a bullshit decision, the more people that say it was a crap result, the better it is for a rematch,” Fortune was quoted by the Daily Telegraph.

“Manny won’t want to go out like that. Knowing him like I do, he will stew on this for a couple of weeks and then decide that he can’t let a loss to Jeff Horn be his last fight.

“But if a rematch happens, there needs to be an experienced referee like Kenny Bayless, Tony Weeks, Jack Reiss, Vic Drakulich — there’s plenty of referees that have the experience and good enough to handle a fight like that.

“Manny won that fight by a couple of rounds. It was a close fight — how someone can score it 117-111 to Horn is beyond me.

“We would be asking for three new judges for the rematch, for sure.

“It’s 1000 per cent up to Manny whether he wants to fight again.

“I think he should take the rematch and then retire win, lose or draw, and I think (head trainer) Freddie Roach would agree with that.

“Manny has got nothing left to prove. Hopefully he comes back in the rematch and beats Horn just like he did to Tim Bradley after losing that first fight, which was also a bullshit decision.”

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ Games and Amusement Board has written to WBO president Francisco Valcarcel about its concern that the integrity of boxing had been tarnished by the officiating on Sunday in Brisbane.

The letter questioned the judgement of judges Waleska Roldan, Chris Flores and Ramon Cerdan, as well as the performance of the referee.

“We would like to echo the stand of many boxing followers on the possible errors of the referee and the judges who officiated the subject fight,” the statement said.

“While we respect the decision, we are constrained to request for a thorough review by the WBO for possible miscalls of the referee where some deductions were not made and of the judges in their judging that have caused varying opinions on their objectivity.

“We are making this request for a review, which may call for sanctions on the referee and judges if so warranted, in furtherance of our mutual goal of protecting the integrity of the sport.”