Roach: Losses improved Manny

On May 2 in Las Vegas, Pacquiao attempts to become the first fighter to beat Floyd Mayweather in 48 fights and Roach believes the losses to Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez was an eye-opener.

"Mayweather is undefeated but he remains the same, while we learned (new things) from those two losses (to Bradley and Marquez)," said Roach.

After the losses Roach says that Pacquiao has improved and fine tuned his way of fighting.

Roach feels that Mayweather is not the type of fighter that can knock an opponent out with one punch.

"He's not a bad puncher but he doesn't have one-punch KO power," said Roach.

The trainer added that they do respect Mayweather’s punching ability and would not rush in without protection on May 2.

"We won't just go inside and throw punches," notes Roach, adding "we won't fall into his traps."

Roach acknowledges that Mayweather "has a very good (straight) right hand," a punch so sneaky his opponents had trouble evading it many times in the past.