Mayweather or Pacquiao, you pick?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the one thing that is a bit disappointing is that neither fighter is in their prime. Mayweather is 38 years old and Pacquiao is 36. A lot has been said about them not fighting when they should over five years ago so let's leave it at that.

The tale of the tape is impressive when you look at both records. Mayweather is unbeaten in 47 fights including 26 knockouts and is a five-division world champion, having won ten world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes.

And Pacquiao's record is equally as impressive, in 64 fights he has only lost five times and has 38 knockouts and is the first and only eight-division world champion, in which he has won ten world titles, as well as the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes.

Something that Mayweather must not do is try and fight toe-to-toe with Pacquiao as if he does that he will in all likelihood lose. 

He must definitely not do what the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard did against Roberto Duran in their first of three fights on June 20, 1980 – and that was to fight toe-to-toe with a man that loved that type of thing and in the end Leonard lost. Had he boxed instead he would have won the fight like he did in the two other fights afterwards.

If Mayweather the boxer arrives at the fight on Saturday and boxes he should win but that is by no means a definite.

Many celebs have been making predictions over who will win the May 2 fight but those mean very little. 

The people to listen to when it comes to predictions are those that are in the fight game, here are a few predictions from various boxing related individuals.

TEDDY ATLAS (Trainer, Commenator): "I think Pacquiao has a good chance," claims the most entertaining mouthpiece in boxing. "The greatest strength of Floyd Mayweather is also his greatest weekends – his defense. He goes into it too much sometimes. He doesn't throw enough." Yet Atlas isn't afraid to weigh in on Pacquiao, either."He's (Manny's) got the foot speed to get to Floyd when he has to get to him." (ES NEWS)
Prediction: Leaning Towards Pacquiao

EVANDER HOLYFIELD: "Mayweather won't win, because from what I've seen, boxing doesn't want nobody to get out [of the sport] undefeated, They want to keep the money in the sport by doing things to make it happen this way: Somebody beats the man, and then somebody beats the man who beat the man, and then somebody beats the man who beat the man who beat the man who beat the man. Then it's going to be a matter of whether Mayweather is going to fight again, whether he feels like he has made enough money to say, ‘I ain't got to fight,'"(Sports on Earth)
Prediction: Pacquiao

DAVID HAYE (Heavyweight Boxer): "Everybody who has eyeballs needs to see this fight," the outspoken Brit claims. "This is the first fight I've ever known that doesn't need press conferences." Still, Haye is more than just bluster. "The smart money," he claims thoughtfully, "obviously goes on Mayweather…Mayweather has never let his emotions get the better of him." True enough. "It's hard to be against him," adds Haye. (IFLTV)
Prediction: Mayweather

LAMONT PETERSON (Junior Welterweight Boxer): "I have to go with Mayweather," says the slick Washington DC native, "but it's a close fight." Hopefully it won't end as controversially as Peterson's last fight (a narrow decision loss to Danny Garcia did. "I say 50/40," Peterson claims, laying down his own unique odds. (ESNews)
Prediction: Mayweather

GERRY COONEY (Former Heavyweight Boxer): "I'm a Manny Pacquiao fan," Cooney admits, "but I don't think he can win. I think Floyd is too good." (Newsday)
Prediction: Mayweather

MARV ALBERT (PBC Broadcaster): "Five years ago it certainly would have been a better fight to watch," the iconic broadcaster admits. "But I think that Pacquiao's going to have a difficult time, even though I know Freddie wants him to go in there like, crazed." In the end, Albert thinks it all comes down to Mayweather's superior skill set. "I really think that I give a slight edge to Mayweather on a decision," he says. (Newsday)
Prediction: Mayweather

AL MICHAELS (PBC Broadcaster): "I would think Mayweather." Michael's says. "I think Mayweather will figure out a way to win the fight." Yet he too, think the whole thing may have come about too late. "I think the most interesting thing about this fight to me," he claims, "is three years ago it would have been a better fight – you have to think." (Newsday)
Prediction: Mayweather

BARRY HUNTER (Trainer): "I would pretty much pick Floyd," claims the esteemed corner man. "I think it will be more of a chess match." To Hunter, it's all about Mayweather avoiding temptation. "If Floyd does what Floyd and doesn't change anything, doesn't play up to the crowd or the media…he should come out of the fight unscathed," Hunter says. (International Business Times)
Prediction: Mayweather

ANGEL GARCIA (Trainer): As far as Danny's father is concerned, the key for Pacquiao is to "not go in slugging too hard, and going all crazy. He needs to take his time a bit. He needs to throw his left hand, and come back with his overhand right. He needs to keep his head moving." Indeed Garcia believes being overly aggressive can be dangerous for the Filipino legend. "When Manny gets involved in the hype," he says, "that's when he gets clipped." (International Business Times)
Prediction: Mayweather

RICKY HATTON (Former Opponent of Mayweather and Pacquiao): If anyone knows how good these two fighters are, it's Hatton. For the talented Brit has been knocked out by both men in major fights. "Forget this particular era," he says. "Mayweather versus Pacquiao is one of the biggest fights of all time." So, who takes it, Ricky? "Floyd always finds a way to win," he claims, "no matter the style, and that's the reason that I make him a slight favorite over Manny." (The Ring)
Prediction: Mayweather

ANDRZEJ FONFARA (Light Heavyweight Contender): "Mayweather KO," he claims. "Sixth to eighth round, or decision." (Dontaes Boxing Nation)
Prediction: Mayweather

DANNY GARCIA (JUNIOR WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION): "I'll be there, I thinks it's whoever shows up that night to win the fight. But if I had to bet on somebody, I'd have to bet on Floyd Mayweather." (HoopJab)
Prediction: Mayweather

The majority seem to go with Floyd Mayweather winning, do you agree? Please let us know below.