Mayweather v Pacquaio by the numbers

0 – Number of losses in Mayweather's career

3 – Number of titles that are at stake (WBA, WBC, WBO)

12 – Scheduled number of rounds

60 – The number of seconds that it took for the fight to sell out

147 pounds – The welterweight weight limit

$1,500 – The price of the worst seat at the MGM Grand Arena

$10,000 – Price of a seat on the floor at the MGM Grand Arena

16,500 – The capacity of the MGM Grand

$1 million – The value of the belt that is on offer

$1.6 million – The amount of money that rapper 50 cent says he's bet on a Mayweather victory

3-4 million – Expected pay-per-view buys (previous record is 2.48 million for Mayweather-Oscar De La Hoya in 2007)

$5 million – How much Mayweather will make per minute if the fight goes to 12 rounds

$120 million – Pacquiao's expected payday

$180 million – Mayweather's expected payday