Klitschko still on the fence about retirement

Fox in the box – Nenad Krsticic

An interview with Wladimir Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente revealed that the heavyweight has not yet decided whether to retire or not.

The Ukrainian superstar has suffered a fall from grace, first losing all his belts to Tyson Fury in November 2015, then getting knocked out by Anthony Joshua last month. 

The back-to-back losses mark only the fourth and fifth of Klitschko's 69-fight career.

However, Klitschko has the option of activating the re-match clause in his contract, which would see him fight Joshua again within months. 

"As you can imagine, he was absolutely disappointed after the fight in the locker room while we were all sitting together," Boente told Boxing News.

"Now he feels better, he's on vacation in Florida with his wife and daughter, relaxing a little bit and he’ll make his decision very quickly when he gets back.

"At the latest the beginning of June, or maybe in between, what his next step will be. That next step could be the rematch or that he retires, but that's up to him."

Boente added that Klitschko has recovered mentally somewhat following the loss to Joshua, explaining that the former heavyweight champion missed his chance to win the bout after he floored Joshua in the sixth round.

"He's not that disappointed anymore, he knows that he made some mistakes but also knows that he could beat Anthony…he showed that," added Boente.

"Two, three more punches in round six or even round seven and he would've been the winner.

"He knows that and he will discuss it with his coach and then I think the decision for him has to be, 'Will I again go through three months of hard training to show up in the same condition as I did at Wembley, or will I not do it?'

"That is up to him and we’ll leave it to him and he'll let us know."