Alvarez: Injured Pacquiao had to fight

On May 2 in Las Vegas, Pacquiao lost a twelve round unanimous decision to Mayweather and after the fight the Filipino admitted to fighting with a right shoulder injury which he picked up in late April, and then injured himself  further during the fourth round of the match in Vegas. 

Pacquiao has since had shoulder surgery and could be out of action for 9-12 months.

Canelo feels that Pacquiao has no choice but to fight despite being injured because had he decided to call the fight off, until his injury healed, in all likelihood the contest would have never happened.

"Personally, I wouldn't fight if I knew that I have an injury that would affect me so much. I wouldn't do it and [certainly not with] such an important fight against Mayweather. I'd cancel or postpone it until I recovered," Canelo said to La Voz.

"I know that it was an almost impossible situation for Pacquiao because of all the agreed commitments. They had been negotiating the fight for a long time. Besides, the contract that Manny signed, [in the dressing room he was not allowed] to get a shot in his shoulder at least to feel less pain during the fight. But here are the results: a flat fight, very bad in my opinion. 

"If Pacquiao would have been okay I don't think it would have been a unanimous decision, and I do believe that he could have beaten Mayweather more and maybe even get him out of his strategy of running and hitting, running and hitting," Alvarez said.

"But had he suspended or postponed the fight after so many negotiations, I think the fight would have died right there and they'd never have faced each other. 

"I think Pacquiao wanted to fight Mayweather and Mayweather knew what this would generate for him and for the two pay-per-view TV stations. Pacquiao had no choice," he added.